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Valdemar Lützen’s building materials, tools and machinery since Jan 1, 2003.

In the summer of 2002 Høgni Lützen returned home after 6 years in Denmark, where he had received a commercial education and gained management experience in the construction business at.SILVAN and BAUHAUS.

The purpose of Høgni’s return was to be part of a generational change in the family business, to optimize the products range of the company, and to increase sales, turnover and profits.

The strategy has been a success beyond expectations. Since 2003 the company has enjoyed a steady growth in sales figures. The progress seems likely to continue, and prospects look good as a continuation of past years.

Valdemar Lützen Ltd’s activity comprises four sections: Tools and Machinery, Lock Services, Gardening Implements and the new Stainless Steel Whole Sale department.

Today the company has 12 members of staff. The main office and the store are still at

Skálatrøð, where the trading business has been domiciled since 1904. Two Locks and Keys mobile units operate from there to all parts of the country.